To ensure that your order arrives as fresh as possible, please select your state above.
To ensure that your order arrives as fresh as possible, please select your state above.

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Winter Weather Shipping

Second day delivery orders placed by noon CST ship Monday - Wednesday. (not available at this time)

Overnight orders placed by noon CST ship Monday - Thursday.

Orders placed after noon on Thursday - Sunday are shipped on Monday for Tuesday delivery.

This allows us to keep our live delivery guarantee! If we boxed them up and shipped them out on Friday, they would sit in a warehouse all weekend and may not arrive live. Please make sure someone signs for delivery. If no one is present to sign for the crickets and worms, we cannot honor our live delivery guarantee.


Overnight Shipping - $17.95 shipped Monday through Thursday. Note all times are Central Standard Time.

Live guarantee voided if customer is not present at time of arrival or if appropriate packing is not selected (ship to your workplace if you won't be home).


Shipping Alert: If you are ordering more than 10 boxes combined of crickets and/or worms, additional shipping charges will apply. You will be contacted to collect the additional charges before your order is processed. 


If you need Saturday delivery, please call our office and ask for assistance. Saturday delivery fee is $30.00.



Crickets can endure heat but are sensitive to colder temperatures. Crickets are hearty creatures; however, when left in excessively hot temperatures for a length time, it increases the possibility of death during shipment. 



Most worms can endure the cold but are sensitive to warmer temperatures.  All worms are required to be shipped Next Day Air with cool packs during summer months. No live delivery guarantee on worms June through September.

Call us at 1-800-345-8778 for information and fees.



Our customer service department is open: 

Mon - Thur 7:15 AM till 4:15 PM CST

Friday 7:15 AM till 11:45 AM CST